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Basic Business Practices that should stick with you like tunes stuck in your head

Face it, when you hear bar bar bar bar Barbara Ann, the song made popular by the Beach Boys or Feliz Navidad, the Christmas song you hear in several stores during the Christmas holiday season, or because your mother answers the phone and blurts it out all December because she knows you cant take it...because those songs absolutely just stay in your head for, not seconds or minutes, but DAYS! LOL ....Y'all know I'm telling the truth!

If only conducting basic business practices with stick-to-itiveness were like that, since we know they should be put to use on a regular basis, and stick with us for days, weeks, months, years, like staying in your professional modes operandi [a particular way or method of doing something, especially one that is characteristic or well-established], as a consistent good habit, sigh! Things, that seem like they'd be easy to remember, for instance:

  • Returning Emails/Calls within a professional business timeframe, so prospects get a great first impression

  • Answering the phone with a smile, so business callers won't hang up thinking they've dialed a wrong number

  • Showing up for meetings 15 minutes early, rather than 15 minutes late, because really, is there any proof that being fashionably late is ever in style or ever even existed

  • Informing the person or group, the minute you know you're not going to be on time [after all 'time, is the greatest communicator' what is your punctuality or lack there of saying about you

  • Making eye contact with an additional customer to at least acknowledge them, while you're tending to a current one

  • Asking someone out of courtesy before you share their number/email, or if you're referring them to a prospect, giving them a heads up

  • Not holding dual conversation, or starting another whole conversation with someone in your presence, while you're on the phone with someone else; confusing them as to what you're saying to whom

Since, 7 means perfection or completion, I'm going to leave this list at that for now. Basic practices, are simply that. In the Business Etiquette workshop those examples and more are shared, so attendees learn day to day business norms, related to Coaching, Communications, Customer Care and Culture, or what I call the '4 C's of Business Success' that enable them to see themselves through various instances of role play. Those scenarios actually go to the extreme, and can be quite hilarious, as observers get a true picture of how each demonstration conveys the way potential viewers receive the message [about your business or about you as a the business owner].

The main thing is keeping your message in alignment with who you are as a business, the image you desire to project, the reputation you desire to establish, which all leads to the types of prospects you want to attract. As mentioned above, there's not much more than a few seconds to make that great, lasting, impactful impression, to create a new customer or lose an existing one.

Keep up those good, solid, customer attracting business practices or you're negative encounter will stay in their heads, or may land on their Facebook pages, and in their telephone conversations, which could lead to your business's ascension or decline - dependent upon what's actually being said or shared.

The last thing you want is to have your (professionalism) guard down, and have your ideal customer giving you the side-eye, and no second chance. I saw recently where one person wanted a stylist, and visited her page first, saw something she didn't approve of and never held a conversation with the stylist to get clarity, ask questions or ensure she couldn't be serviced, she simply moved on.

However, it may take you a little extra interest and work to make that great first impression, but it will be lasting. It may lead to a new customer, and referrals as well. By making successful business practices your norm, you could end up going viral, being featured on a major industry related show, or at least in your local news! Practice, practice, practice, because as they say, "practice makes perfect!" If you're seeking ideas for getting your new business off to a great start, download our free monthly opt-in, from where this month we share '31 Days of Business Launching Tips." Act now, the next giveaway goes up next Monday.

DaRonda, encourages new entrepreneurs to create a solid, successful business foundation, early on in business. Through her annual "Launch Your Business, Live Your Dreams" entrepreneurs in business less than two years, gain support, strategies and access to business development and training resources. After joining her Biz Boutique membership program they gain access to ongoing leadership and mentoring sessions. For almost 20 years, Writer, Speaker and lifestyle enrichment Coach, DaRonda McDuffie has operated an event planning company, where she designs Signature and Specialty events , specifically for fashion and beauty entrepreneurs. For tools, tips, and techniques for productive business practices, book your free consultation at or contact DaRonda at 443.528.9835 or

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