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One of the most tempting things to do as you start your own business with the freedom to set your own hours, relax when you want, shop at the drop of a hat, online or nearby, work when you must, govern your activities, have mid-week, spontaneous lunch with a friend or business partner, or indeed a client or prospect, is doing absolutely nothing productive – day after day; yes, it goes by that quick.

After a few of those quickly moving, undisciplined days resulting in funds drying up just as fast, you’ll very soon realize the need for a goal focused, strategically planned day, where you break new ground everyday, like some of the top fashion icons of the world. Your days as an entrepreneur must be approached with a get-it-done sooner, rather than later attitude. Starting with these 10 business boosting habits on a regular and re-occurring basis will prove vital and beneficial to the growth and productivity of your business:

  • Do your devotional practices, including your inspirational reading as early in the day as possible when the inside and outside worlds are still and quiet

  • Create a morning routine that matches your unique personality and revitalizes you, (ie coffee & newspaper, early morning jog/walk, treadmill and news broadcast, etc.)

  • Mount a big wall calendar for an at-a-glance (perhaps color-coded) view of your quarterly, monthly, or annually approaching projects, programs, networking and or special events (relevant to your business)

  • Start your to-do-list at the beginning of the month, and week

  • Revisit your to-do-list nightly in preparation for the next day

  • Set aside specific blocks of time for long term versus short term tasks

  • Start with the hardest or most challenging task first (for once you complete it or a big chunk of it, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment)

  • Get your important calls done earlier in the day because afternoons --- especially in Summer months -- create another set of challenges when it comes to reaching people

  • Review your daily calendar often to stay focused and not be taken by surprise with last minute things you really wanted to get done

  • Clear your desk and office surroundings of clutter at the end of each day to prevent feeling a sense of overwhelm at the sight of a messy desk at the start of the next day but rather start off in a way that will get a fresh perspective each morning

  • BONUS Always squeeze in a short break to get re-energized for the next task, refreshed mentally and emotionally and refocused on those important goals for your thriving business

Listen, if you’ve already incorporated most of these tips above – bravo – I’m already proud of you! If not, and you feel as if you’ve gained some insight, let me know how and what tips impacted your daily planning for going forward, over at Tell me which new habits you’re going to start doing to punch up your daily routine. I’d like applaud your efforts on strengthening you’re A-Game and boosting your business productivity! After all, it's all about pulling your big vision together, little by little, day by day and celebrating successes.

As a solopreneur in the event planning arena for almost 20 years, DaRonda McDuffie, coaches fashion and beauty businesses, to promote their business vision and opportunity to stand out in their industry, by creating a Signature Event that combines their passion and purpose.

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