Event Creation Academy Program

For years family and friends called on me to help them coordinate, organize and do the behind-the-scenes work for their events. Thinking, being good at organizing automatically made me good with the  organization of an event. That was not the case, it was just the start of discovering the critical need and development of my basic organizational skills and why advancement of those skills would be required to appropriately service clients.


As a graphic designer, repeatedly called upon to create marketing and promotional materials for upcoming weddings, conferences, traditional events, parties, banquets and more, that did not necessarily qualify me for creating events. I was comfortable simply creating the materials for announcing and promoting the events. But, then things shifted in a good way once I became open to the idea of transforming my business into more than a graphic design company.

If you're lacking creative ways to keep your business thriving, the Event Design Program enables you to develop the type of Signature Event that will attract new clients and retain current customers through increased engagement.

If you've hosted your event already but it ended up as an epic failure, get started here to ensure your next event is a stellar production. If you're even feeling overwhelmed at the very thought of organizing an event, which brings about fear of having to work alone trying to pull all the moving parts together, the Event Design Program addresses that.




There are hundreds of events; from small and intimate, private to elaborate, virtual summits, 1-day presentations to multi-day conferences.

For example, for the past 6 years I've hosted a girls leadership conference, and prior to that an indoor shopping event 'Chic Boutique'. 


Do you know 'more than 80% of Corporations who add events to their business model have seen a great return on investment.'

The Event Design Academy was developed for entrepreneurs who are ready to add events to their business model to stand out in their industry.


After years of managing behind-the-scenes logistics for a major media nonprofit fundraiser, valuable skills for event planning success were 

gained. However, supporting a client in various phases of the event planning process, versus developing my own event blueprint to host a successful event, I discovered the various facets necessary require a lot of strategic moves. You must experience this level of personal impact through the development of your own Signature Event to really fully appreciate all that is entailed. Besides, your clients stand to gain a lot more appreciation for what you do once they are guests at your vent. 

Whether through hosting trade shows, executive roundtables, conferences, celebrations, private parties, fashion shows (think Mercedes Benz, New York Fashion Week), fundraisers, 5K Walk or Run, Banquets, Awards, the idea vault for creating, designing, managing and hosting your very own Signature Event is endless.


'I've seen a boost in attendance compared to previous years and from the promotions and outreach you provided I've heard from people in my network that I hadn't heard from in years' Janice, JMD Entertainment Group, Red Carpet 2018 


Having the Event Design Program as a blueprint for your next event shortens the learning curve as you go through the steps for creating and designing your event. If there's been a disconnect with your clients or target market, then why wait another season or year watching your customer base and revenue shrink?


It's time for your customers to proudly say they were at your latest and greatest event! 

Get started today...

Create your own platform through an event that attracts your ideal customers and clients. We develop that or if you have something already in the works, we add the finesse to that in Module 2 after an assessment in Module 1.

You attend other people's events, see their great turn-out, network with your ideal connections at their events and KNOW it's now time for you to host yours.

The Event Design Academy program is for entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, speakers and especially new event planners who are ready to add their own Events to their business model to stand out in their industry. If you have never hosted your very own Signature Event, then you don't want to miss this step-by-step program. Through the Event Design Academy, you learn the secrets to Create, Design and Host your phenomenal event. You get acces to Resources and guidance on the Implementation for each step of the planning process. Whether corporate, private, public, celebrity, community or nonprofit event!

The Event Design Academy provides behind-the-scenes logistics to move your vision forward.

Events present a way for you to stand out in your industry, provide unique opportunities to reconnect with your existing clients, provide a new space to gather with your target audience, unite your purpose with your passion in a way that supports your heart-centered Cause, and in turn boosts your revenue through multiple streams. You'll hear all about those techniques in Module 5. 



 'Thanks for providing your services. The Arts is a very tough industry. As well as any business trying to reach the right audience. The information presented on social media was on point. It was well written. It sparked the interest of all who read it.' Shelia, BAAS Productions

  • Are you overwhelmed at the thought of organizing an event and having to work alone trying to pull all the moving parts together?


  • Do you have trouble coming up with creative ways to keep your business thriving?

  • Is your repeat customer nonexistent due to little to no engagement?

It's time to let the doubt go and allow the confidence in. Join the Event Design Academy today and let's get started on creating your incredible event. There s NO LIMIT to the imagination when it comes to developing a timely, strategic, one-of-a-kind event you'd be proud to put your signature on!

If you've never hosted your very own Signature Event, then you don't want to miss this step-by-step program.


As a budding Event Planner, Speaker, Author or Coach, showing clients and customers various ways of engagement is a must. The growing, competitive and increasingly evolving event planning industry prevents lots of ways to showcase your talent, creativity and innovation. 















Through the Event Design Academy, You learn the secrets to Create, Design and Host your phenomenal event. Whether Corporate, Private, Public, Celebrity, Community or Nonprofit Event!


Let's Event It!

There's NO LIMIT to the imagination when it comes to developing a timely, strategic, one-of-a-kind event you'd be proud to put your signature on.




  • Do-it-Yourself (4 weeks)                

  1. Assessment

  2. Authenticate

  3. Accounting                   

  4. Action


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